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Cautious optimism in wake of jobs report
July 7, 2009

Cathy Gorges just added to a surprising provincial trend. The co-owner of Metal Design Niagara is advertising a job posting for a new fabricator welder. In spite of the recession, the year-old St. Catharines firm now needs another artistic worker to help create custom ironwork projects like staircases, gates and balconies. Read Article...

Have a Great Canada Day, Eh?

Canadian expressions often leave immigrants puzzled, concerned.  It's Canada Day and just because you are like any other hoser in a toque with a toonie, you can nab a double double and chill out, or kick back with a brewski and some buffalo wings for some R&R eh?    That is, if you know what it means.  It is one thing to become Canadian and another to speak it.  That is what many new immigrants to Canada discover...........Click here for Canadianimmigrant magazine's new section aimed at learning Canadian phrases and idioms

Breaking down barriers for foreign trained professionals
June 4, 2009

Aguilando Ferrari came to Canada from Brazil three years ago in search of work. He landed a job, but not the one he was trained to do. Read Article...

Niagara set for a building boom
May 30, 2009

An influx of government cash promises a building boom in Niagara in coming years, but some in the construction industry wonder if there will be enough hands to do the work. More than $1 billion will be spent on just a few projects alone by 2012, ranging from the new hospital in west St. Catharines to a downtown performing arts complex to massive academic buildings at Brock University and Niagara College. Read article...

Effective June 1, 2009, Canadian citizens will be required to present a WHTI-compliant document to enter the U.S. by land or water. We have attached for your use a Government of Canada information sheet which lists the approved documents for Canadian citizens to enter the U.S. by land or water. Government of Canada Information Sheet

Immigration agency in Ottawa receives $1.9M in government funding
May 22, 2009

Hire Immigrants Ottawa, a local agency that works with Ottawa employers to remove barriers to recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants says it will expand its activities after receiving a $1.9-million provincial grant. Read article...

Non Anglo Names barrier for job hunters
May 20, 2009

The Carrie Martins and Matthew Wilsons of the world simply have an easier time in the Canadian job market than the Hassan Khans or Min Lius, new research reveals. Job applicants with English-sounding names on their resumes are 40 per cent more likely to be called for an interview than those with Chinese, Indian or Pakistani names, according to a University of British Columbia study released Wednesday. Read article....

The Long and Winding Road to the Top 
by Shaffiz Dar
Canadian Newcomer Magazine

Born in Kenya, I went to England for postsecondary education and I graduated with honours in Law from the University of Reading. After returning ‘home’ to Kenya, I practiced law with one of the best firms in Nairobi and early in my career, established a reputation in banking and insurance related litigation. I was head of the litigation department in the firm and had five lawyers working under me. Four years later, I made partnership in the firm.  Read full article in Canadian Newcomer Magazine

Technology gives mentoring a boost
April 22, 2009

Technology is playing an increasingly important role assisting companies eager to mentor their employees and develop their full career potential.  Jane Allen, for instance--chief diversity officer at Deloitte Canada LLP--maintains a blog about news related to the compEffective June 1, 2009, Canadian citizens will be required to present a WHTI-compliant document to enter the U.S. by land or water. We have attached for your use a Government of Canada information sheet which lists the approved documents for Canadian citizens to enter the U.S. by land or water. any's many diversity initiatives.  Read more...

Foreign credentials gaining recognition
April 18, 2009

Some Canadian companies are recognizing the foreign credentials of new immigrants at face value, levelling the playing field so they can compete with other Canadians in the workforce at the same level.  Read more...

Canada expects up to 265,000 new immigrants in 2009
December 10, 2008

The federal government will accept between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2009 and is working to make the immigration process more responsive to employer needs, according to the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.  Read Article in the HR Reporter...

Integrating Immigrants into the Workplace Takes Time
December 9, 2008

Thousands of studies and practical experience have demonstrated that culture-sensitive HR management practices improve performance in the modern, diverse workplace.  Read Article...

New Criteria Posted for Skilled Immigrant Class
December 3, 2008

Thirty-eight in-demand occupations were unveiled by the Harper Government last week, setting out a new selection criteria for skilled immigrants, allowing those with relevant skills to be fast-tracked into the country.  Read Article...

Join us in our congratulations to Niagara Region on the Launch of their new Immigration Portal 

November 13th, 2008 was an exciting day for the Region of Niagara with the launch of their new website where newcomers can explore the many benefits and resources that Niagara has to offer.  Please visit www.niagaraimmigration.ca .  This link will also be provided under immigrant resources on our website.

Meet Canada's New Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
CIC Newsletter, November 2008
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Labour shortage key issue: Solberg 
November 25th, 2008

Minister says ways must be found to get more people into workforce.  Read More...

Niagara's immigrant portal provides world-wide view
November 19th, 2008

A man in Nepal considering greener pastures types briefly on a keyboard and seconds later photos of grapes growing in a Niagara vineyard or Niagara Falls' picturesque Dufferin Islands in the full splendour of fall pop up on his screen. Read More....

Skilled-trades sector shows steady jobs growth, Statistics Canada finds
October 28th, 2008

More than one million people worked in skilled trades in 2007, where employment growth has been a steady 2.2 per cent a year on average since the recession of the early 1990s, reports Statistics Canada. Read More...

Employers unprepared for retiring boomers: survey
October 7th, 2008

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Article on the Study of Canada's Immigrant Labour Market

Immigrants' children more likely to graduate university
September 22, 2008

'Designer Immigrants': Eliminating Barriers
September 24, 2008

Canada's immigration system has been criticized for not meeting the rapidly changing needs of the labour market. In response, immigration policy is shifting away from the human capital model of immigration to a system more responsive to labour markets. Read More...

Just Rewards for two local humanitarians
August 18, 2008

Two very special gentlemen will be receiving accolades from the Canadian Red Cross next month. Both have committed their professional careers to bettering lives of others. Niagara College President Dan Patterson, for the most part, has focused on improving the lives of youth, singlemothers, new immigrants and first-generation Canadians.  For more information, contact NIEC.

Ottawa to ease immigration rules for Workers, Students
August 12, 2008

OTTAWA — The Harper government is creating a new fast-track immigration route for skilled foreign workers and students who've already proved employable in Canada: an effort to prevent an erosion of talent as global competition heats up for higher-value labour.  For more information, contact NIEC.

Immigrants streaming to smaller centres
July 24, 2008

Canada's mid-sized cities are enjoying an immigration boom while the stream of newcomers flatlines or even declines in the large urban centres that typically act as magnets, according to new figures from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Read More...

An Online Magazine for Canadian Immigrants and the seven success secrets.  The Canadian Immigrant

More Responsive Immigration Policy Envisioned
June 27, 2008

Canada must develop service standards in its immigration system if it is to compete globally for investors and skilled talent, says a panel appointed by the federal government. Read More...

Immigration policies boosting number of degree holders: study
May 25, 2008

OTTAWA - There is a large and growing gap between Canadians when it comes to who has a university degree, with visible minorities far more likely to have a university education than white Canadians, according to a new study.  Read More.... 

Urban and Suburban Schools in Ontario 2008 Report
Released April 2008

Between July 1 2005 and July 1 2006, 133100 new immigrants arrived in Ontario. Nearly 60% of newcomers were in the skilled worker and business immigrant categories. The vast majority of immigrants settled in urban and suburban areas. ...  pdf Read Full Report by People for Education

New wave of educated immigrants Number of visible minorities on the rise in St. Catharines
April 3, 2008

The population of St. Catharines is rapidly becoming more visibly diverse, echoing an influx of new immigrants from Central and South America and African countries settling in the Garden City, according to census data released Wednesday. One in 10 or 13,030 people in St. Catharines identified themselves as a visible minority in the 2006 census, released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday.  For more information, contact NIEC. 

Keeping immigrants in Welland a challenge
April 3, 2008

Census data released Wednesday came as no surprise to the people who work with immigrants every day. Statistics showed that 3.7 per cent of Welland’s population identified themselves as visible minorities in 2006, up from 2.8 per cent in 2001. But those number pale in comparision with the number of immigrants who made Welland their first stop after arriving in this country, said Sathya Gnaniah, project manager at the Niagara Immigrants Employment Council.  For more information, contact NIEC.

March 29, 2008

He keeps the stack of letters to remind himself how far he's come. There are about 60 of them. All of the letters rejecting him for different jobs for a variety of reasons. Now that he holds one of the top positions at one of Niagara's largest employers, Bala Kathiresan says the rejection letters are a good reminder of the sometimes difficult road he has travelled while forging a career in Canada after emigrating from India in 1991.   For more information, contact NIEC.

New wave of educated immigrants
March 25, 2008

WINNIPEG (CUP)- Immigrants new to Canada are highly educated and prefer "real-world" disciplines like engineering and business administration. They also differ greatly from native-born Canadians in their approaches to post-secondary education. Data pulled from the 2006 Census revealed that between 2001 and 2006, 700,000 immigrants came to Canada. Read More...

Top 20 Firms know value of Immigrants
March 10, 2008

For CAE, a Montreal-based manufacturer of pilot simulation and modelling technologies, skilled immigrants are an invaluable source of talent and expertise, according to the company’s vice-president of HR and administrative services. Read More...

Canada's Workforce is Aging; for the first time, more than half the workforce is over 40
March 6, 2008

Mike Walter wouldn't call it a crisis. A better word, he says, is concern. In five years, about 17 per cent of the staff at Tufford Nursing Home on Queenston Street, where Walter is administrator, will be eligible to retire. For more information, contact NIEC.

Canada's Changing Workforce:  A Snapshot
March 4, 2008

Rising commodity prices have ignited demand for workers in everything from construction to energy, mining and retail, making Canadian employment growth the fastest among G7 nations, latest census data show. Read More...

Nearly Half of PhDs in Canada are Immigrants
March 4, 2008

Newcomers to Canada are accounting for an increasing proportion of the population with university and advanced degrees, new census numbers show. The new numbers, released Tuesday by Statistics Canada, show that about one-third of the population born outside Canada hold a university degree, compared with about one-quarter of the general working aged population. Read More...

Not only is Canada blessed with lots of jobs, they're good jobs

As more bad news from the collapsing U.S. housing industry yesterday heightened fears of a recession south of the border, there was a welcome sign of continuing strength in Canada's economy.  Read more....

Study:  Immigrants in the Hinterlands

Immigrants living in small urban centres and in rural areas tend to achieve economic integration much faster than immigrants living in large urban areas, according to a new study. The study, published today in Perspectives on Labour and Income, shows that the income gap between immigrants and Canadians living in similar areas closed faster over time in smaller centres and rural areas than in large cities. Read more in StatsCanada "The Daily"... 
The full report is also provided pdf immigrants_in_the_hinterlands 156.29 Kb