Labour Force Trends

NIEC believes in engaging and creating awareness among Niagara’s businesses on labour force trends regionally, provincially, nationally and globally. The following links will help employers understand the changes happening in the world of workforce:

Niagara's Labour Market in Transition - Niagara Region 2009 Supply & Demand Study
It is expected that by 2011, the total labour force growth in Canada is projected to be reliant on immigration. In Niagara while the population growth is projected to decline continuously, the aging population will be increasing because the baby boomers are retiring in large numbers. Economic innovation and prosperity is contingent upon attracting, recruiting and retaining well-trained immigrants.

June 2010 Labour Force Survey

May 2010 Labour Force Survey

April 2010 Labour Force Survey 

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) Report
Institutional Innovation for Better Skilled Immigrant Labour Market Integration

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Niagara Training and Adjustment Board 2008 TOP Report

The Canadian Immigrant Labour Market 2007: Analysis by Region of Post Secondary Education

Looking Ahead: A Ten Year Outlook on the Canadian Labour Market (2006-2015)

Labour Market Outcomes for Migrant Professionals: Canada and Australia Compared - December 2006

Labour market needs, immigration programs, Foreign Credential Recognition and Employment - Life in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada

The Canadian Immigrant Labour Market 2006: Analysis by Region or Country of Birth

Ontario's Looming Labour Force Challenges

The Challenge Ahead: Averting a Skills Crisis in Ontario

Labour Force Projections for Canada 2006-2031

Opening Doors: Investing in Prosperity

Immigration and Small Business

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